Dawn DeVries Sokol



Well, I think I've finally made it back to the Land of the Living. I'm still tired, but have normal functions back, so that's good. It's funny how we take advantage of those kinds of things...Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes my way...I LOVE this online community!

Last weekend, I worked on getting some new journals made...I still need to bind them, but other than that, they are done. The top one will be my black, white and pink journal I've been wanting to create. The other two are for some experiments that I can't talk about now...

Yesterday I started looking through some of my existing journals, thinking that I still needed to fill those before I moved on to new ones. But then I realized that it didn't matter...these all have a purpose. The other journals I can feel free to show to other people. But the larger two of these new journals will need to stay away from other eyes for a while!

Tomorrow is my first deadline for 1,000 Artist Journal Pages. I have much work to do today to get materials together, so I'm off to start my day!

Happy Thursday! Make it a good one...