Dawn DeVries Sokol


{If We Could, We'd Pick ALL of You!}

Lucy and I want to thank all of you who have posted on our blog. Thank you for the kind wishes and e-mails you've sent for Lucy. She's doing much better, thank you! And she's well enough to pick a winner for today's contest! And she REALLY did pick the winner. Here she is showing her pick. (Sorry for the weird eyes!)


OK, I helped to unfold it...The winner is Fiona! Fiona commented from Scotland! Lucy thinks it's cool we have a global audience. Fiona, e-mail me your address and we'll mail The Art of the Family Tree to you!

A sidenote: My mom doesn't care much for my "spilling". She asked me yesterday what that was about. I explained it to her, that it was experimental play, and she said, "Well, I like your other pages, like the pink ones, A LOT better!" Thanks for the justification, Mom! :-)

Yesterday, I pulled out the box of old photos I have and looked through it...No, they aren't photos of my family. I have several of those I like to use in my journaling and collage, but these are of perfect strangers, photos that I found on e-Bay. I realized what a treasure chest I have in these...VERY cool stuff!


Some of them are going to Kinko's today so I can make copies of them and start playing. Some had dates from the 1930s written on the backs...Others have no info.

What will YOU be doing today?