Dawn DeVries Sokol




Yesterday, I finally took out all the charms I received as trades at Artfest and put them on a bracelet. I love the way it turned out. I linked it to the little booklet I made out of the confirmation packet and teacher postcards. And then it all went up on one of my supply hooks for decoration...I also participated in a charm swap at Artfest headed up by Romona Ashman. Romona did an awesome job of coordinating the swap and linking all the charms onto a bracelet for each of us.


LUV this bracelet...There were 8 of us in the swap...Romona added beads to fill it out a bit...Lovely! The photo doesn't do it justice.

And to answer a  couple of questions from youse guys (Rosie!):

The journals I made were 6 X 8 and 8 X 10. I like the 6 X 8 size because it's  a little more portable, but I really like the 8 X 10 now too. At first the 8 X 10 seemed too big...

And The Art of the Family Tree: It's now available on Amazon, but I'm not sure if it's in bookstores yet. Seems to take a little longer to get to the stores. Distribution....Oy! (Thanks for all your sweet comments on that book, too!)

OK, back to my art journal. Hopefully, I'll have some pages to show in a couple of days. I'm working in my B/W & Pink one today...