Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Be a Yankee " Doodle " Dandy}

We're gonna start out REAL easy...

This is journal prompt #1 for Friday, June 29, 2007:

Just doodle. Whether it be a border around your page, maybe flowers and leaves blowing around on the page— doodle as if you're on the phone. Or actually kill two birds: call up your friend, your mom, your sis, your honey and doodle as you're chatting. Add in random words as they pop in your head or take down words from your conversation. If you want, start your page with some watercolor, acrylics or colored pencils. Think slam books in high school. Use your favorite pen or pens. Start doodling with black ink and then fill in with other colors. Just think different shapes: hearts, flowers, blobs, swirls, flourishes, maybe little faces, creatures, houses, trees...It's up to you. You don't have to be able to "draw" to doodle.

Just have fun with it!

And please, post your links to your work in the comments section. I'd love to see them...