Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Happy Saturday}

Thank you to everyone who left such sweet comments in the last post. I need to journal today, along with some other things...

I told Tara that I would post interior pages of that YUMMY book I talked about a few days ago (The Age of Feminine Drawing). So here ya go!








Many wonderful things going on in that book...

And a lovely little blog for you to check out...Lisa Hoffman. She participated in that cool Marie Antoinette collaborative zine and has some cool photos to show. Also, Michelle Ward has her contribution to that zine posted on her blog as well. As does Anahata...and Melissa McCobb Hubbell. Alas, the zine is not available for the rest of us, just those who participated. I'm hoping that the project is made into a book...I think that would be too cool...In fact, I kind of started thinking that could be the case a few months ago when I saw a hint of it on someone's blog and then it was taken down...Hmmm...If you make any other sightings of this project on other blogs, please let me know...I want to see more!

I'm hoping to post some journaling processes or techniques sometime next week...

Now I'm off to start my day!