Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Eye Candy}

 This is journal prompt #3 for July 13, 2007:

Eyec_3What is it that you like to look at? What are you influenced by? Find it and slap it on your page: colors, patterns, text, illustration, labels, photos...See any kind of pattern developing? What other artists' work do you admire? Slap that down, too. (If you can't, at least write a list of artists)...Now, in your spaces around your elements, write what it is that you like about these things. How do they make you feel or affect you? Are there certain things you like about an artists' work, ie their use of line, color combos, subject matter, mediums they use? (Make sure to point out specific things, not just that you like their overall work.)

This exercise is meant to get you thinking about what influences you...it can help you to develop a style. It's a page in your journal you can go back to when you're stumped for ideas, when you're uncertain what color to use, etc. You could actually do several pages like this! Have fun with it!

Make it a great Friday!

P.S. Some extra tips on the handwriting prompt: If you're really hating your handwriting, (I can relate) try drawing lines with a pencil on your page, then write in with pencil first, going over it with pen afterward. You can always erase your pencil lines if you want. I still do this when I want my writing to be a certain way...