Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Day of Memories}

Today was SO fun. I went over to my mom's house to sort through old photos. I had quite a few of her and her brothers and sisters growing up. Some pics I wasn't sure who was who and just needed her to go over them with me. We pulled out her box of old photos and she basically gave me whatever I wanted, which I thought was SO cool. I came home with two big Ziploc bags full! I'm planning on doing some stuff with the photos, so she knows I'll put them to good use. The best photos were of those when we were kids and when my mom and dad had just gotten married...and the family gatherings. The FUNNIEST photos were from the 70s. I can't believe how we wore our hair and our clothing. That's one decade I don't want to relive! (For the fashion...) We laughed and LAUGHED...

To the left we have a pic of my mom and dad when they first were together. That's my grandpa in the doorway behind them. The strip of photos is me and my brother. Look at all of his goofy faces he was making. And I generally have the same expression the whole way through.

Thanks, Mom. I'll treasure these always.