Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Happy Tuesday!}

I haven't been posting much in the last day or two...just been chugging along on 1,000 Artist Journal Pages. I've been working on pulling more stuff over today from my e-mail so I can finish the selection process. I swear, people are SO talented! It's wonderful to look through all this great work, but also mind-boggling. It IS a difficult process...knowing that some of these pages won't make it in the book...*SIGH*

The envelope above was sent to me by the awesome Lisa Engelbrecht. Her lettering ROCKS! Check out her site...Looking at this reminds me of the art director I had who used to yell "DAAAWWWNN SOKOLLL!" every time he'd call me. Too funny! Also the same client who re-named chartreuse green "Dawn Sokol Green" because I was using it so much in my designs....I still do. LOVE that color!

Tune in later this week for another Art Journal Friday prompt. I am a BAD person. I did not do last week's prompt. Oooops! Did anyone do it? I haven't heard from anybody about this one, so I assume not. That's OK. I think it's one to do over time...You could do a whole journal like that, really. This week's will be a more short-term prompt, I promise!