Dawn DeVries Sokol



Happy Monday! Did you doodle this weekend? I doodled late Thursday night and got this:


When I doodle, I tend to want to fill in every nook and cranny of the page. I like to have my doodles touch so that there's no real white space. I think of them as doodle quilts.

The page usually starts with a line drawn through it. The line that goes from the bottom to the top near the left of the page (two solid lines with the dashed in the middle) is how it started. I like to write in words or phrases that pop in my head....it's usually stuff that's going on around me. "Braveheart" was on the TV. We also watched "House", so there are phrases like "Have a  little faith in me" drawn from that. I like to doodle patterns, so swirls,  hearts and different shapes make up sections.

I now really love doodling. It's a way for me to journal in front of the TV and create a whole page in one sitting. The reason I started the prompts with doodling is because it is a great form of escape, very basic, and gets you to let go. There's not too much thinking required for it.

If you haven't tried it yet, please do. Even if you doodle over a page you've already created....Doodling adds a nice personal touch to any journal page!

Make it a great Monday!