Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Art Journal Fridays}

Happy Friday! Welcome to Art Journal Fridays. I am your cruise director, Dawn...Let me tell you what we're going to be doing today:

Spill It! (You knew this was coming...)

Pick out two or three of your favorite colors of paint OR to make it more interesting, stand over your bottles or tubes of paints, close your eyes and pick two or three from the pile. These are your colors. Pour a little of each color out onto your page and just move them around with your fingers. Do this quickly and don't think about it too much.

How does this page make you feel? Write down, large across the page, the first word that pops in your head. (You may have to wait for your paints to dry!) Add a photo of yourself at any age, maybe some found objects: receipts, stamps, etc. You can continue to doodle over the page, adding more words, whatever. Maybe you just journal about your day right over it—the things that are affecting you right now, etc.

(Go here for a post on what inspired this prompt and to see samples...)

Have a great weekend!