Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Art Journal Fridays}

Hello! Welcome to your second journal prompt. Are you all trying it? I didn't hear from many of you last week...I wasn't sure if you got doodlin' or not. I know Carlynn was getting into it; way to go, Carlynn! I was so glad to see that...And I know that with summer in full swing, we're busy with lots of stuff. But it's never too late to go back and try earlier prompts. I will be creating a page with the journal prompts for your reference.

This week, we're making lists and checking them twice. That's right:

1. Divvy up your page...just draw a swirly line down the middle or across. Then, from anywhere on that line, start another line. Draw as many lines as you wish to break the page into sections. They can be curvy or straight.

2. Now in each of your sections, make a list—it can be anything. List your fave foods, movies, songs, things to do on a summer day, fave memories from childhood, friends you've had over the years, fave places you've been—even your grocery list or the stuff you need to pick up from Target. (Hey, I need to go there!)

3. Write some words bigger than others, try cursive mixed in with print writing. Maybe you clip out some words or letters from magazines or your scrapbook supplies. Have fun with it. Play with some colored pens or pencils. Fill in some of the letters.

This is just about you writing on your page, making something creative out of your writing. And no, you don't have to be able to do calligraphy. We're not looking for Miss Perfect Handwriting, K? DO NOT worry about what it looks like. SERIOUSLY! You need to get comfortable with your own handwriting. It's part of the fun of journaling! And like I said, if you want to use letters or words clipped out from other things, that's fine, too.

Have fun, listmakers! We'll chat Monday...

Make it a great weekend!