Dawn DeVries Sokol


{On Your iPod}

Happy Friday! This prompt was inspired by a page I did in my Christmas journal last year ala a Shimelle Laine online class. The original prompt was to do a page about our favorite Christmas song. I took it a step further and listed the Christmas music on my iPod.


Your prompt for today focuses on your music on your iPod or in your CD collection: What genres do you gravitate toward and why? Or is it specific artists or songs? What memories do certain songs stir up?

Trace around your iPod, MP3 player or a CD on your page. Fill it in with marker, paint, or trace it out on some patterned paper and cut that out and slap it on your page. Maybe you list your favorite songs or artists within your iPod or CD, maybe you list them around it on the page. Doodle music notes and other things pertaining to music. Maybe get a magazine and cut out images or words related to your music. Just have fun with it. Make it your own. You could just focus on one song and journal about that, or make lists of your favorite songs...anything goes here.

Have a great day!