Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Return to the Heat}

This weekend, Hubby, Lucy and I ventured up north to my in-laws' summer home. It was nice to get out of the heat for a couple of days. They have an awesome deck and view, and Saturday afternoon I sat out there with my laptop and worked on some writing stuff. Lucy actually stopped panting for some time. I couldn't believe how good she was in the car. On the way back, she basically crashed in the back seat for most of the drive. She got to visit her cousin, Ashley, and that was good. She looks happy here!

I took my art journal with me, but didn't work in it. I have been working on some pages, but they're for some special projects I'm doing, so I can't show them. I did start to put together a new journal...It's almost like I'm addicted to starting new ones! After the traveling journal covers I did, I wanted to do that kind of thing again. So I made a journal out of the Davey board and some extra paper I already had cut to size. I just need to bind it. I will show it once I've finished it. I think I have a serious problem, though. I have too many journals I'm working in right now. I need to finish some of them up! There's something about binding a new one and decorating it! And especially after that traveling journal, I found that I'd like to do more that way...Davey board with doodling on the front. Too fun!

I've been wondering if any of you have done Friday's prompt. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. With these prompts I'm trying to show you examples, but I really want you to make it your own. From what I've seen so far, you guys are doing an awesome job at just that! I love what you've shown me, and appreciate it so much when you send me a link with your work.

Go out and make it a GREAT Monday!