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{Stop This Train}

Do you ever get a song in your head that just won't quit? Usually, I find it really annoying, but not when it's John Mayer. And right now, I have his song "Stop This Train" in my head...flowing continuously...

Travj3rdpgsneakHere is a portion of a page I did for my journal in the Traveling Journals project.
I've been wanting to post something more from it, but wouldn't unless it was suggested that we could...Yep, it was mentioned today on the blog, so here it is! I'm hoping my journal makes it to Caty in France OK. I sent it out last Monday, so I would assume she should receive it soon...I can't wait to receive Sue's journal from Malaysia...what a treat it will be!

Not much else to report really. Just plugging along with corrections to a book, writing a book proposal, and organizing more images for 1000 Artists Journals. I know one thing: I cannot wait until it cools down. We're back up to 110 here! ICK!

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