Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Rollercoaster of Life}

I have been busy hibernating and finishing up 1,000 Artist Journal Pages. It's been a crazy time. I'm getting close to the 1,000 page mark. I need to log in some more images and do another tally. Yesterday, I took my mom back to the specialist for a second test. Everything confirms it: it's something that medication will take care of. No surgery needed. It's a good thing...Needless to say, she was extremely relieved.

But mentioning surgery: I've been thinking about taking Lucy to the vet to explore having some of her cysts removed. We've had them checked many times and they are just fatty cysts. Yet one of them is the size of a golf ball now and it sits just behind her right front leg. She doesn't seem uncomfortable or hindered by it, but my Lucy tends to hide discomfort except when a bath is mentioned. Do any of you have advice on this? I'd like to hear from those of you who may have had experience with this...I don't like the idea of putting her under and definitely don't want it to be unnecessarily. I guess I need to talk with her vet.

Since I worked all last weekend and hadn't been off the computer for a few days, yesterday afternoon I just sat down and worked on the new journal cover. It was good to just color and doodle. Of course, it's pictured here!

And a few sources of inspiration for you:

Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations... This Travel Channel show on Monday nights features Anthony Bourdain, a NY chef who travels to spots around the world and samples the life, food and culture. There's something so inspiring about him. He's not afraid to try anything. He's eating up life. Love this guy!

Urban Outfitters...I had lunch with Renee last Thursday and then I found a new Border's and an Urban Outfitters right next to it. I love UO. They offer a visual candy store. Patterns and colors EVERYWHERE! Needless to say, I was in there for a while. Didn't buy anything. Didn't have to.

Jelly Bellys: I know it sounds weird, but the popcorn-flavored ones are oddly appealing. I've been nibbling on Jelly Bellys at my desk and enjoying every dang one of them. Popcorn, coconut, watermelon, tutti frutti...A wild bevy of flavors, all in one little box. Yum!

Inspiration comes from where you least expect it. It's that beautiful surprise awaiting you when you venture upon it....Go out, open your mind, and let the inspiration overwhelm you!