Dawn DeVries Sokol


{...and then it was Friday!}

Here we are, once again! Fridays seem to come up pretty quickly! But that's alright with me; I'm not complaining...the more Fridays I encounter, the closer I am to the autumn cool-down of AZ. I'm ready to scream from the heat right now. Yesterday, I had lunch with Mom and then went to get a much-overdue haircut. It was so stinking hot that I came home, styled my hair and put on a tank top...I don't usually wear them, so when I do, you know it's icky. (I really need to get rid of my farmer's tan!)

Enough complaining; on to today's prompt. Below, you see a page I did back in April that is also in my journal pages photo album to the left.


This page was one I worked on at Artfest in my spare time...I was getting a bit preachy to myself (I thought at the time). Now I see that it's a good thing...a motivational kind of page, a touchstone for all the positive things I need to remember for myself and others. Some of the things written small in case you can't see them in the pop-up:

Soar in all that you do...Be happy with yourself...Only you can make it happen...Love one another...Be good to yourself...Think Life, Eat Life, Be in the moment...It's OK to fail...We grow as we learn...Love yourself, it works!

And when I saw Mae Jane post this page on her blog, I was reminded of my "Create" page and that it would make a great prompt. So here's what I want you to do:

Journal some motivational thoughts to yourself. It's easy once you get going...tell yourself to love yourself, respect yourself, to create until pigs fly...you get the gist. You can use your favorite colors, maybe doodle a little, use some positive images. Make it a POSITIVE page. A source of all that is good. Use this page as something to look at when you're feeling down. You can always keep adding to it. You can use quotes from others that you find inspirational...Just little affirmations for yourself. Think Stuart Smalley on SNL. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!"

Make it a great day!