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This little gem showed up in my mailbox yesterday:


I pretty much began to read it the moment I got it out of the box...I had been logging in images for 1,000 Artists Journal Pages and my head was about to spin around like Linda Blair's in The Exorcist.

It's a really pleasant read. I'm about halfway through...Love hearing about how others view creativity and how it affects them. There's a great chapter on journals and sketchbooks! Only criticism I would have would be on the design: I really like the design overall, like the square format, BUT the type is a bit hard to read. And I have pretty good eyesight (I'm near-sighted but not too badly) so it is small type. As a book designer, too, yes, it's small! If you have difficulty with smaller type, get out your magnifying glass for this one.

Also, I received some personal e-mails over the last couple of weeks about Art Journal Fridays that really touched me...Here's one from Sandie:

WOW !!!!


This should be in book form so I could take it
with me where ever I go!!

After reading these prompts can't decide whether
to go back and play with the journal I've

already started or to start a brand new 

Can't write more I've got to get

Your prompts are wonderful.  Thanks for
sharing them.

Aww...thanks, Sandie! I try to make the prompts easy, fun and original (I hope). Hmm...book format. That's not a bad idea! ;-) Maybe a little ’zine of them? Thoughts?

And another one from Linda:

Hello, I just found your wonderful blog and wanted to know how far back did
you start these prompts? I cant tell you just the pictures and words that have
helped me understand this art journaling thing.

Thank-you +8 for this
I'm glad they're working for you, Linda!

I love seeing what you are doing with them, too, so please leave me your links in the comments sections if you can.

Make it a great weekend!