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{Inspiration and a Swift Kick}

Before I go off on my rant, I want to leave you with a link...Amy Schimler is an awesome surface designer and illustrator. I LOVE her use of color and her style...

Now my rant: In reference to 1000 AJP, if I recently contacted you about sending in a Grant of Rights form or your final submission—I NEED you to send it! Please...it's very important that I get everything this week as my deadline to the publisher is Friday. That means I have to have everything to them on Friday. Which means I need everything by Tuesday the 28th so that I can include you in the book. And if you've contacted me about this recent request and we've discussed deadlines, or have had everything to me already, THANK YOU! I appreciate all of you who've been quick to respond and quick to send in your stuff...it makes my life a lot easier. I'm not even sure how many artists are in the book...But 1000 pages is a lot to keep track of. I appreciate when you're helpful in this way!

OK, I'm done...thanks!

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