Dawn DeVries Sokol


{My Messy Life}


Yes, this is my art table in my studio right now...MESSY! Things all over the place...and the rest of the studio doesn't look any better, I'm afraid! Still working on 1000 AJP...many thanks to those of you who've responded to my desperate e-mails and calls to send in the missing fragments...there are still many little things floating out there, but it's not as bad now...I am taking it one day at a time and figure it will all come together. I'm a deadline kind of girl...I went to journalism school, so it was ingrained in me from day one that all hell will break loose if a deadline isn't met. It's a domino effect. Well, let the dominoes fall where they may...

When I stress over a big deadline, other things get screwy. My back isn't doing too well...I've had some sleepless nights  and some major headaches. Saturday was a migraine kinda day...It's my body's way of saying, "Hey, you freak! Stop the madness!"

But some good things have happened:

  • Our garbage disposal was finally replaced yesterday...I LOVE my garbage disposal...thank you, RotoRooter Man!
  • I've been working on Sue's traveling journal...will show a portion of it soon...
  • Monday after a trip to Trader Joe's, I made this yummy salad below for lunch...Romaine lettuce, ham and turkey, Monterey jack cheese, dried cranberries and raspberries...I topped it off with a low-fat raspberry vinaigrette...YUM! Ain't it PURDY?!
  • I finally got to see An Inconvenient Truth...Yes, Kaylee, I have seen it now and it really made me think. YIKES! I pretty much sat with my jaw dropped the whole time. The polar bear thing really killed me...visions of polar bears swimming hundreds of miles to find some ice to float on...I'm surprised I didn't have nightmares about that!

Img_0884_2I've been hibernating for the last couple of days and was going to venture out for some toner ink for my HP printer and some vanilla syrup to make Italian sodas....BUT it's going to be 111 degrees today! Yes, folks, this is this loveliness of AZ in the summer...Just ’cause school starts doesn't mean it cools down, unfortunately. I guess I'll maybe do it tomorrow...

Have a GREAT Wednesday!