Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Musical Motivation}

Pinkhouseslo_3It's that time again...do YOU know where YOUR journal is?

I haven't done a full page for this yet, but have a sample that I'm going to base my page on ...Yes, we did something with music a couple of weeks ago, but this is a different twist:

Pick a song, any song, out of thin air. Doesn't have to be your favorite...in fact, if it's not, that could make this more interesting...Now, base your page on that song. You could write out the lyrics, doodle images derived from it, glue down images from mags or books that relate to it...It's your call. You could write lyrics and then start writing whatever comes to mind after that...Let it lead you. It can be any genre, any artist, anything! Have fun with it...It's amazing how much we can pull from one song...Songs are definite gifts!

Have a great Friday!