Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Bourne Again}


Huh. For some reason, this page doesn't do much for me...It's a little blah. Hmmm...It's in the B/W and Pink journal, so I think I'll add some various shades of pink...

Yesterday Hubby and I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. We weren't disappointed...It lives up to the previous two films...only thing I would criticize would be to have a more stable camera in some scenes. The shaky camera technique was a bit overdone.

My friend Kaylee called me yesterday after she finished reading Harry Potter 7. She was a bit upset, and it was good to commiserate about this being the last of Harry. Like I told her, though, JK Rowling could very well do a series on James and Lily...the world before Harry. Kind of like pulling a George Lucas.

How did you all do with your color charts? Thank you to those of you who sent me links to your results...very fun! Keep at it!

Many things on the agenda today: grocery shopping, maybe a stop at Target, the post office (ugh!) to mail out my traveling journal...today is the deadline for shipping. AND, I will be e-mailing more of you whose pages have been selected for 1,000 Artists Journals.

Make it a great Monday!