Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Happy Humpday}

Since I haven't posted about books in a while, I thought I would do just that today. Yesterday, I was brainstorming some stuff and looking through a lot of the journaling books in my library. I started looking through Kaleidoscope, a book I have skimmed through but not really READ. This book is really amazing. Designed and formatted in a zine style, this book has various articles on creativity and projects. VERY cool. You need to seek this one out if you haven't already!

Another book I haven't looked at in a while is Making Journals By Hand. Published in 2000, this book contains timeless journaling projects. I love looking at the pages by various journal artists...There are also many cool techniques. And the author, Jason Thompson, owns Rag and Bone. Check out his blog.

There are some new books you'll want to check out this fall. Journal Revolution promises to be a knockout...there are peeks of interior pages now available on Amazon. The Art of Personal Imagery, publishing in October, also promises to be really yummy. I've always loved Corey Moortgat's collage. Now I can learn her techniques.  Altered Curiosities by Jane Wynn will be released in September. Jane creates amazing assemblages...I've taken a couple of classes from her at Artfest and was not disappointed...This should be a real good one.51f362xggpl_aa240_

And of course, I'm keeping my eyes on the mailbox for the new IKEA catalog. Looks like it's going to be full of colorful prints and patterns. Yum! That always inspires.

At some point today, I'm going to journey out into the sticky AZ heat to head to Staples for some inspiration. Yes, Staples. Right now, it's full of back-to-school inspiration. New notebooks, pens, and school goodies...Love it!

Go out and make it a great Wednesday!