Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Adios, Amigo...}

Well, the rest of the art is going out today to the publisher for 1000 Artist Journal Pages. I can’t believe it’s all logged in and ready to go. So many awesome pages, so much incredible talent. To all those who submitted, I really appreciate your enthusiasm for this book. I hope you enjoy looking through it as much as I have. Now, it’s on to the design stage (and finishing up the Foreword)!

Today, I need to work on corrections for a yarn spinning book...I hope to journal some more this week. The weekend went really well despite SOME things...we went to the ASU game on Saturday. And it was such a SAUNA! As soon as we sat down at our seats, I thought: I can’t stay here. It was disgusting. I spent most of the time there wandering around the stadium, either with my friend Melissa or Hubby. We left at the half and went back to our new favorite sports bar to watch the rest of the game...And the Michigan game? I don’t even want to think about it...

So, hopefully I’ll have some art for ya in the next day or two...

Make it a GREAT Monday!