Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Today I Am...}

Happy Friday! For Art Journal Fridays, today we’re going to look inward.


Find a photo of yourself or take one and slap it down somewhere on your page.  Take the phrase “Today I Am” and think about all the ways you can finish that thought. Whether it be how you’re feeling to what you have to get done today...Now start to write all that down, all over your page...If you want to use words from magazines, that’s fine, too. I think it would be cool to see one totally or mostly done with words from magazines...Make this page your own...

Looks like I wasn’t having such a great day when I did this. But it was how I was feeling. I woke up feeling pretty good that morning, but events of the day led me to feeling all these things. But that’s OK. It made me recognize these feelings and was pretty therapeutic...I just had at it and didn’t really stop to think too much about it. DO try to write down one positive if you’re seeing a lot of negatives on your page...it helps! You may surprise yourself. Dig deep!

Make it a GREAT Friday!

BTW: Just want to give a huge shoutout to my friend, Shelley! It’s her 40th birthday today...Shelley and I have known each other since the SIXTH grade! Have a great day...Love ya, girly!