Dawn DeVries Sokol


{New Discoveries}

This week has been more relaxing for me...no huge deadlines. I have some stuff due next week, but nothing PRESSING. So what have I been doing that’s kept me away from the blog? Nothing too important. It’s all good.

I did go check out a new Barnes and Noble in my area yesterday. Now if you think that chain bookstores do not feel any different from each other, think again. I have certain bookstores I love to visit. A lot of it hinges on how they are set up and the level of customer service. The care they take in stocking and organizing their shelves. (And, yes, how many of the books I’ve designed that are stocked!)

This Barnes and Noble had a rather large graphic novel and manga section. Cool. I found the little gem to the right. Flight is a series of graphic novels...this is Volume 3. The great thing about it is it’s an anthology...short stories by various illustrators. LOVE that! I really like graphic novels, but hadn’t found one I wanted to actually buy until this one.

I’ve also been working on more prompts for Art Journal Fridays. I have this little Jill Bliss journal that I write them down in, and then I pick whichever one I feel suits me that week. I’m seriously thinking of creating a ’zine of them that would include my examples from each prompt. Of course, this is one of many things on my wish-to-do list, so we’ll see if it happens. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt to hear YOUR thoughts on this...I should gauge demand...) ;-)

I believe I will be receiving materials soon for the design of 1000 Artist Journal Pages. I still have yet to hear about which design Rockport wants to go with, but I’ve heard favorable feedback from my editor, so I think all is well.

It’s hard to believe that soon I’ll be attending the Journaling Weekend at The Paper Studio, then ArtFiberfest! So excited...can’t wait to see the leaves in Washington state! I did get my confirmation packet for Artfest 2008...got all my first choices and dorm I wanted...SUH-WEET!

And, I may have a surprise for ya next week...we’ll see how it goes. I’ll know after Tuesday...

Come back tomorrow for Art Journal Fridays...Also, don’t forget to leave some blog love in the previous post for a chance to win a copy of The Art of the Family Tree! Lucy will be drawing a winner tomorrow...

Make it a GREAT Thursday!!!