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Flickr is a wonderful thing. It has introduced me to a lot of journal artists I otherwise might not have been acquainted with. When I was gathering submissions for 1000 Artist Journal Pages, I visited flickr quite a bit. I not only posted my call for entries on different groups, I also searched through hundreds of photos to find journal pages I wanted to include. I want to share two of my discoveries today. They are both listed in my journal links on the left, but just in case you haven’t checked them out yet:

Mae Jane, whom I’ve mentioned before, has a great blog called “doc.u.menting”. Mae is taking a course in poetry (which I don’t think she needs) and has been posting some of her work in that. But she also has some really great journal pages...She has a link to flickr for viewing her journal pages...you need to check them out. When I saw her work, I had to include her in the book.

And Anastasia Beltyukova is another flickr find. Residing in St. Petersburg, Russia, Anastasia has a Live Journal blog where she posts journal pages. Although it’s mostly written in Russian, it doesn’t matter. Her pages speak volumes in any language. Also check out her design site, where she’s posted samples of her work.

Tuesday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cindy of The Paper Studio and taping a video interview for their blog. I must say, I’m not used to doing stuff in front of a video camera, and I’m sure my answers are filled with “ummms.” I believe the video will be posted in the next few days. I will definitely let you know when it’s all there so you can have a good chuckle! 

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