Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Hands Up!}

Continuing on with our week-long (almost) look at books in my library...

61zcuprahrl_ss400_Today we spotlight books about handwritten letters. I work on a computer ALL day, and am a huge type lover. I never thought I could draw letters until recently...There’s something cool about any hand-drawn lettering...it’s that personal touch that makes it more special...

Sometimes when journaling, or working on design stuff, I like to look at books that focus on lettering done by hand for inspiration. Here are my two faves:

Hand Job, A Catalog of Type by Michael Perry was just released on Amazon. I was thrilled to see this, because it originally wasn’t scheduled for release until November...and I was drooling in anticipation. Got it Friday and it didn’t disappoint.  Hand Job features designers who work with hand lettering in their projects...samples and alphabets abound in the pages...At $35, it’s a pretty hefty price for a paperback book, BUT buy it on Amazon and it’s $23...AND, Amazon has a preview look at some of the pages...

And this one’s been out since 2004 (hardcover), but it still keeps me looking: Handwritten, Expressive Lettering in the Digital Age, by masters of design Steven Heller and Mirko Ilic. I LOVE this book! It’s broken into categories, such as Simulated, Stitched and Scratched. The history of the lettering is discussed and all kinds of exceptional examples are used...many varieties of graphic design, such as editorial, posters, CDs, and logos. Available on Amazon for $23 as well...This one is worth it!

More books to come tomorrow...Make it a GREAT Tuesday!