Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Obscure Inspiration}

B445024128a05a8c3d0cd010lWell, our fourth and final day brings us five books...all of which are more obscure or don’t concentrate on journal art. I’ve found them all to be extremely inspiring...

First up, we have Into the Magical World of Delite by Lio Beardsley. I came across this book at SF’s Museum of Modern Art last year. Beardsley’s book is filled with her flowery sketches and doodles of every day life. OK, so I guess this one is more journal art, but it’s a bit harder to find. I didn’t want to buy it at the MOMA at regular price, so I thought I’d look on Amazon. It’s listed but not available...I finally found it on the publisher’s website.

On to another artist book: Slash with a Knife, by Yoshitomo Nara. This one IS on Amazon. Yoshitomo Nara is a Japanese artist with several books published...Nara’s sweet but violent drawings depict little kids singing, smoking and yes, holding knives. BUT, there’s something so sadistically appealing about them. My mom loves Nara’s work! I ran across this book at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Seattle. Chronicle has published notecards by Nara. You can also find Nara’s work all over the Internet...this gallery exhibits it...so even if you don’t find a book by Nara, check out the art online.

Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is
by Lisa Wagner, is an interesting tome of illustrations inspired by notes confiscated by L.A. school teachers. LOVE the art, love the subject matter...I actually found this in Barnes and Noble, but it is on Amazon.

Concrete To Canvas: Skateboarder’s Art
by Jo Waterhouse and David Penhallow shows off a wide variety of art inspired by graffiti and the street art scene. Skateboard designs, wall art, paintings and the like are displayed along short glimpses into the artists’ backgrounds. This is one of those books on street art that I’ve found appealing enough to have in my library. I first found this at The National Gallery of Art in D.C. But I’ve seen it in Barnes and Noble and Amazon carries it as well.

And the last title for Book Week is another publication on street art. Graffiti Women: Street Art From Five Continents  by Nicholas Ganz is FILLED with photos of various graffiti works by WOMEN. I like this feminine side of graffiti. This book also talks a bit about the artists themselves, giving the reader insight as to why these artists choose to create works on such a volatile canvas. Yes, graffiti defaces property, but these artists explain the appeal of what they do. It opened my mind and inspired me. Find it in your bookstore or on Amazon.

Have a GREAT Thursday!