Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Friday Hodgepodge}

Huh. Ever have one of those days where you feel just SCATTERED? All over the place, mind racing, mind feeling numb...Hmmmm....That’s me today. My apologies!

Yesterday I met with Renee to discuss our impending trip to PLAY with the Moores and many others. CANNOT WAIT! I’m trying desperately to figure out what to do for trades. Anyways, Renee and I met at ’Bux and I just have to say their new mugs and such are TOO cool! Funny thing: Renee and I fully intended to discuss the trade situation, and wouldn’t ya know? After two and a half hours, we DIDN’T! We talked about a lot of other things! Too funny....

I’m fretting about what to do for my plane reservations for Artfest...I wanna get the best deal, but Southwest just isn’t making it for me! May have to pay a little more to get the times I want and need! Can you say Alaska Air?

And while we’re on the subject of Artfest, I just wanted to show this little guy:


He’ll be gracing my trades for Artfest! :-)

Oh, and I FINALLY have been working on a prompt for Art Journal Fridays that I posted a while back...What your week looked like (still in progress):


And that brings me to today’s ART JOURNAL FRIDAYS! Ha! Bet you thought I forgot! I may be scattered, but I’m not THAT scattered.

Today’s prompt has to do with STATE OF MIND. Timely, right? Seeing as how I’m really thinking about that right now (along with everything else). What’s your state of mind? RIGHT NOW. As you start your page, focus on EVERYTHING that’s going on up there. You can make a list quickly on a separate piece of paper, then transfer it to your page however you like, through magazine words, your handwriting, visuals of any kind. If your thoughts are really orderly, maybe your page takes on a rigid format of boxes lined up next to each other. If you’re scattered, like me, maybe your page reflects that with your words and images all over it, sort of like you just threw ’em down on the page, letting them land where ever! Have fun with it and MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

Oh, and for some good stuff go here, take a gander over here, and here... .YUMMY!

Have a GREAT Friday, everyone!