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{More for Monday (and some requests)}

Wanted to throw more inspiration your way today...once again, it comes in the form of books...

13056128I went to Changing Hands Bookstore last Friday and really took my time looking. I found 365 Days: A Diary by Julie Doucet, a book that’s been featured on Kelly Kilmer’s blog and one that I found on Amazon a while back. While Kelly recommended it highly, I still hesitated. Wasn’t real sure, but once I saw it in the flesh, I knew what she had been talking about. It’s so dang cool. Doucet journals about her year in her comic book style and collage.
LOVE this! Kelly, you were so on with this one. I can’t wait to sit down with it some more. I’m definitely going to take it with me to PLAY.

51xvdzcducl_ss500__2 Another real cool find is
Other People’s Love Letters. This one has a cool cover as well, which is why I picked it up. It’s another voyeuristic book. Bill Shapiro has collected the love letters of those from all walks of life... some are sad, some are naughty, some are mean, some are sweet. They’re visual and poetic. As the subtitle says, they’re “150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See”. If you like real visual books, this is another keeper. Perfect for your loved one for Valentine’s Day. Who are we kidding? Perfect for a gift to yourself for Val Day.

While at Changing Hands, I asked the girl at the counter who I should talk with about a book event, that I had authored a book...weird thing to do. I was so self-conscious...it felt so strange! I figure I’ll try to do an event there, one at The Paper Studio, and maybe one other in Southern Cal. Not quite sure about that one...I need to talk with my contact there (Suzi!)

And that brings me to two requests: One is for those whose work will be appearing in 1000 Artist Journal Pages...I’d like to do a sort of gallery show of some of the journals. Those of you who read this blog and are willing to part with your journal for about 3-4 months, please e-mail me. I’m trying to put a show together for The Paper Studio...It’s a store here in AZ, so that way I could have a hand in display, etc. If it works out, it may be in southern Cal as well!

The second request is for another project I’m working on: Are you somewhat new to journaling? New to this alternative universe of art journals and haven’t had your work published much? Please let me know! I’d love to see your pages...You’re more than welcome to e-mail me at my address listed on the side with some lo-rez jpegs of your work...Journaling really needs to be your main focus. If you do other stuff that’s fine, but art journals should be your first love. If you know of someone that fits this description, please let them know and/or e-mail me their contact info.

Thanks and Happy Monday!