Dawn DeVries Sokol


{The Tornado Returns}

Hello, all! Happy Thursday! I’ve been busy this week wrapping up several projects, tidying up things, making corrections, revising, etc. There is a storm on my brain, that whirlwind tornado I’ve talked about before, where there are so many ideas churning around that I can’t put my hands around it. It’s moving too fast! And that’s scary ’cause I’m trying to design a sample interior for a new book for Rockport...This book is gonna be REALLY cool, though! A virtual aid type of book that I think many can benefit from! And I think that’s part of the storm cause. I want to do it justice, so ideas start whirling too fast and it gets confusing.

I’ve got to get my PLAY packets together for trades...Just when I think I know what I’m going to do, it either gets lost in my head or changes... AAAGGHHH! I think I’m worried that it will just be a jumbled packet of nothing worthy (which would be symbolic of what’s in my head right now!)...I want to put something of me in there, but keep coming up blank.

I guess it’s a struggle of wanting to do something fresh, to continually evolve but still have it look like me. And I’m not just talking the packets, but my design work, too. And my journaling. I don’t want to get in a rut. One of the downfalls of working in a creative JOB. You get it from all sides... *SIGH*

Any thoughts on processes that have worked for you, or just some sympathy? :-) HELP! Maybe I’ll just hit the bookstore today and try to decompress...It’ll be good!

Make it a GREAT day!