Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Tick, Tick, TICK}


Happy Friday! And welcome to Art Journal Fridays! I’m Dawn and I will be your cruise director today...

Today, It’s TIME! Your page today will be all about what it’s time for you to do. I thought about this yesterday as I was getting ready in the morning...a sudden burst of motivation blew through me and I started thinking about all the parts of my life that could use improvement. Some examples:

  • It’s TIME to start eating better
  • It’s TIME to go back to yoga
  • It’s TIME to take Lucy on a walk EVERY DAY, no excuses
  • It’s TIME to not look back anymore, not have any regrets
  • It’s TIME to journal even more...

And so on! This can be a list-style page...use images of clocks, or anything that refers to time. Use images of motivation...whatever! This is a
POSITIVE page...ways to make a better you, on the inside and out. Make it your own!

Have a GREAT Friday!