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{Help Bernie!}

Hello all! Happy Wednesday...Just posting an urgent message about Bernie Berlin’s A Place to Bark...If you haven’t heard, Bernie is in the running at Six Degrees for a $50,000 grant. But she needs your help to stay in the running...She’s now in third place and needs to remain there to get the grant. Just one day to go!

Bernie rescues all kinds of doggies and kitties and gives them good homes. She’s an angel on earth. All you have to do is donate $10. That’s two Starbucks drinks, three gallons of gas, two magazines...Help her, PLEASE! Go to her blog and click on the badge at the right...The number of donations she gets determines her place in line for the grant!

If it weren’t for people like Bernie, I wouldn’t have Lucy. I got her from a rescue organization...Support these organizations. The animals that get helped by these groups make the best pet kids!

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