Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Friday, Friday...}

And you know what that means! Yes,
Art Journal Fridays...

Now, everyone’s been discussing their New Year’s resolutions. And you know what? I don’t make any. I know I won’t follow through on them...I never did in the past, which is why I stopped making them.

So for today I say we make some WISHES. We’ll call this page WISHES & DREAMS. What do you WISH for this year? What would you love to see happen? It can be as simple as a new dog for your family, or something as huge as world peace. (Yes, Miss Congeniality, you can wish for world peace! It’s not wishy-washy.) Your wishes and dreams can be larger than anything...that’s why they call them dreams.

Now journal it. What colors express your wishes? Maybe your page is filled with images of roses, or puppies (OK, Dawn, enough of the canines)...Fill it with images that make you happy, that could be related to your wishes and dreams. If you want to, you can make this page more visual and let the art do the talking. It’s totally up to you. MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

And where’s my page, you ask? Not created yet...many things on the plate this week...Been trying to get the Christmas Journal finished and many design projects happening...I’ll try to get to it this weekend...

Make it a GREAT Friday!