Dawn DeVries Sokol



Hello, all! Been real busy with the design work lately. Much to do today, too!

TRYING to finish up the Christmas Journal...May end up having a couple of blank pages (just like last year). But here’s another spread:


Yesterday was a real good mail day. Got the latest issue of  Home Companion...LOVE this issue for the artists studios feature...Also received Teesha Moore’s set of journal books...She’s printed a set of four books featuring pages from her journals...sort of a collected works volume...VERY cool! But, I’m curious...where is my latest issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors? Once again, it’s not showing up in my mail box. This happened with the last issue and I had to e-mail them about it. *SIGH*

On the 1000 Artist Journal Pages front: we’re making corrections on the third round of laser proofs...I’m working on the full jacket today. I guess the book is on the “fast track”, meaning it is possible there will be foreign editions. That’s a VERY good sign. And if you sent me your journal for shooting and are wondering when you will receive it back, it could be a while longer. I can’t give a definite timeline, but I just was told that all journals still need to be kept for “a bit longer” just in case the production manager has a question about color when checking proofs. So, hang tight. They will be sent to me, and then I will return them to you. I appreciate your patience!