Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Must-Have Books}

Today I headed over to B&N to find a book I saw online: To-Do List by Sasha Cagen. I am SO glad I tracked this one down...I wasn’t disappointed.

This tome examines exactly what you think: lists by everyday, ordinary people. And there are some really wild lists. Each list is accompanied with the writer’s profile of sorts and an explanation of how the list was born. And there are PROMPTS for lists on each page! LOVE this! It will definitely inspire my art journaling...

The other book I want to recommend is one that isn’t in bookstores yet. It won’t be available until July...No, it’s not my book, 1000 Artist Journal Pages (although, you SHOULD check that one out!) but it’s L.K. Ludwig’s True Vision. I got a sneak peek today and I couldn’t put it down. SO inspiring. SO beautiful. This one will really cause an urge to stir in you, an urge you won’t be able to ignore. You’ll want to art journal as you look through it, it’s THAT good. Beautiful journal pages by awesome artists and L.K.’s love of journaling is obvious. You MUST have this on your wish list! Hey, there’s a list you can create if you haven’t already.... (See how I tied the two together?...Hee, hee.)

Make it a great Wednesday!