Dawn DeVries Sokol



Hello, all! A few things to discuss:

1. Today I feel like I’ve been neglecting Art Journal Fridays a bit...I have been focusing more than anything on what to do with my Etsy shop and know I need to get that up by the end of this month....I want to thank you all for your wonderful ideas...they’ve been helpful! I’m not going to say yet what I’m going to offer. I want to it to be a surprise—so you’ll just have to wait until Nov. 1!

2. I went to see The Duchess yesterday with my mom...we both really enjoyed it. It was a little bizarre and a bit sad. But a good escape...

3. My allergies are TORMENTING me today. It’s a beautiful breezy day in Arizona and we have much cooler temps. But my allergies are wreaking havoc...no makeup for me today! And I have given myself permission to veg since I feel so out of it...

4. Oh, and I received my journal back from the Travelling Journals Project...it’s incredible. I need to take some pics for you ...Maybe I’ll just scan the pages in and feature some each day next week...Yeah, that’s what I’ll do! I’m thinking I might rebind it because one of the signatures wasn’t even used so I have all that paper left over and the spine could be skinnier anyway. All of the journal artists did an incredible job. I’m so happy I was able to take part in it...I still have three journals I need to work on for the group. I look forward to seeing the rest of them.

Have a great weekend!