Dawn DeVries Sokol


Uh, yeah...

Yesterday I basically stayed out of my studio for MOST of the day. It’s so difficult to feel as if I deserve a break when I have so much to do. But I worked over the weekend and don’t have anything major due this week.

And I’ve decided to do the same today and maybe tomorrow. I just need to refresh. I’ve been working hard on stuff for the Etsy shop and some other projects. I think I also need to stop watching the news as it’s driving me crazy. I just want election day here and gone already.

Here’s a journal cover I designed for a friend:



I really wish I hadn’t applied the gel medium that I did because I made it a bit cloudy (these were taken before the gel medium)...I think the medium was a bit old and should’ve been tossed...I also need to be careful of how much I apply next time...This is the first cover I’ve done that that’s happened with...

More from the travelling journal...these pages are from Joei in Japan...and I’m not showing these in any particular order...just jumping around in the journal...



Joei also has pages included in 1000 Artist Journal Pages... I love her work—so expressive, yet soft. Lovely!

Have a great day!