Dawn DeVries Sokol


{It’s Finally Happened}

Yep, it’s official: I’ve lost my MIND! I realized today that I really needed to post another 1000 AJP Q&A, since you all had been enjoying them and I hadn’t posted one for quite a while. So I was going through my older posts to see how many I had already shown, and I came across a draft post of one of the Q&A’s that I had been editing. For some reason, I never added the person’s name in the draft so I would know later who it was. I’ve gone all through the e-mails contributors had sent to me containing answers, and I CAN’T find this interview! I can’t believe it...

So, who answered the first question with a quote by Henri Miller? Also, said this about starting art journaling with an answer containing this sentence: “After 9/11/01, I had a hard time expressing myself with
words and went searching for a medium that allowed me to combine words and
imagery to express what was difficult to wrap my head around.”

Hopefully, this person reads my blog and can tell me this was their Q&A. I don’t want to run it without crediting this artist! Please e-mail me!!!