Dawn DeVries Sokol



On Monday, I snagged a list from a bloggy friend and I’ve been seeing it on a lot of the blogs I read...so cool! I LOVE lists...How ’bout you? I think they’re a great way to show others and ourselves little bits and pieces of us.

I’ve mentioned this book before: To-Do List by Sasha Cagen is one of my faves. I reference it from time to time. There are great ideas in there to help with your journal pages and I always say, if you’re not sure of what to journal, come up with a list. And there are ALL KINDS of lists in there. Lists you never would have thought were lists. Fun stuff!

A couple of months ago, I read a book called The Next Thing on My List. I picked it up at Changing Hands Bookstore because it looked interesting and I had some trade dollars. It was an easy read, a nice story, and it made me think more about what I would put on my list. The story is about a young woman who’s involved in a car accident with a girl who has a list of things to do before her next birthday. The girl dies in the accident and the young woman decides to take the list and finish it in her honor. I passed the book on to my friend, Shelley, and it got her to thinking as well. What would we put on our lists of things to do? REAL accomplishments, things we wouldn’t do otherwise. We’ve been saying that the next time we get together, we’ll compare lists.

Next Monday, I turn 40. And that also got me to thinking of a list of things to do during my 41st year of life. I don’t have much on there yet, but the list I posted a couple of days ago has some good stuff I can add. What would YOU put on your list?

Have a great Wednesday!