Dawn DeVries Sokol


The Giveaway Winner and Misc. Art

Hello, all! I have finally drawn a winner for the set of postcards and it is:

Joanie Hoffman!

Congrats, Joanie! Please e-mail me your snail mail address and I will send you a set once I get them printed up. (May not be for a few weeks, though...) Thanks, everyone, for playing! I really appreciate your great suggestions and I think I might do a color set and a black-and-white set...I loved that suggestion! You all rock!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving...Hubby fixed an awesome spread for us and we went out to my in-laws. But the day ended with a migraine, which sucked. We took Lucy so she could play with my in-laws’ standard Poodle, Daisy...they get along great and seemed to have a fun time. Needless to say, Lucy’s pooped out today! Tonight we head to the UCLA/ASU game...

Now, on to some goodies...

Last Monday, I just played for the day, messing around with my sewing machine—which I NEVER use, but recently set up on my drawing table so I WOULD use it—and bound up a quick Christmas journal out of scraps. I used some past Christmas cards, some gift wrap, some scrapbook papers, and some scrap watercolor paper I had in my stash.

The cover is a gift box band that is a nice heavy cardboard...I turned it inside out so that the design that’s on it is on the inside cover and I can decorate the covers...





Then, I worked on getting a spread going in my ledger journal:


And I also started designing a full cover of a Moleskine Cahier (much like the one I did for Tonia, the Starbucks-inspired cover that many of you suggested for the postcards)...but this one is based on a song I love and I just need to add some gel medium over it to protect it...It will be going in my Etsy shop in the next couple of days...I will be doing more of these...


Oh, and speaking of my Etsy shop, I just wanted to thank all of you who’ve purchased from me so far... I won’t be able to fill orders Dec. 2-11, as that is when I will be out of the studio, so if you order something during that time, please hang tight.

Have a GREAT Friday!