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The Glass is Half Full Again

Friday night, I had a really bad case of insomnia. It started with allergy problems, which then caused my mind to stir a bit too much...Hubby kept snoring and tossing and turning, as did Lucy, who kept shaking her collar jewelry and walking around the bedroom. I couldn’t take it after a while and went out to the living room.

I’m glad I did. I sat down with the Sundance catalog, which inspired a holiday promo idea much stronger than one I had already started designing. The three hours also spawned a very detailed publication idea that I am so incredibly happy with!

So the next time I have such difficulty sleeping, I’m going to get out of bed and sit down with a magazine or book and my idea journal. Yeah, I was tired the next day but also felt so much better. I had been dealing with a real rut Thursday and Friday. And I’m out of it now!

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