Dawn DeVries Sokol


I ’m Back

Thank you for all your sweet birthday wishes...and the trip was great, even though I’m SO sick with this icky cold and all I want to do is curl up in a ball (which is pretty much all I’ve been doing since I got back). A nasty descent into Phoenix really caused MAJOR sinus pain for both me and my hubby. Not fun.

I’m hoping that I can squelch this cold very soon, but I’ve already had it for a week and it shows no signs of letting up. Of course, it doesn’t help to go running around DisneyWorld like a fool and not resting. But when you’ve dropped major bucks on a vacay and you’re there, you do what you have to do!

By the way, speaking of bucks, the price of the Merry Merry Art Journal kit has been slashed to $20 in my Etsy shop...get ’em for your holiday journal now and there will be a surprise bonus dropped in with the kit!

More soon...

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