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From Barely There to Non-Existent

Wow, I’ve REALLY dropped the ball on this blog lately. I don’t know why, but this cold has really kicked my ass. I finally went to the doctor yesterday, who confirmed it’s not bronchitis. My allergies have just exacerbated my upper respiratory and have allowed the cold to kick into high energy.

But my doc gave me a cough suppressant tablet, which allowed me to SLEEP last night. I didn’t cough as much when I woke up this morning, either. Pretty sweet.

So, I’m laying low, but I still need to get some stuff done, which I feel like I can do today. Yesterday, I slept all morning. Today, my goal is to actually accomplish SOMETHING! Yay for me!

Enough about my health. Who cares? I’ve got some catching up to do here...

Three books to discuss for The 12 Days of Books:

1. Magic Books & Paper Toys by Esther K. Smith. Just got this book from Amazon a few days ago. LOVE it! There are all kinds of paper and binding projects to play with in here. The one that really caught my eye is a cootie catcher! The design is pretty funky and eclectic...the illustrations are a doodly style and it’s a book one could pull A LOT of inspiration from. Esther Smith’s other book, How to Make Books, was published last year and is also a keeper.

Knitting for Good! by Betsy Greer. I picked up this book at my local independent bookstore because the cover struck me immediately. It’s got a little bit of everything: projects, designer features, and ideas on how to use craft to help others. I’m more of a crocheter myself, but Knitting for Good speaks to me. This book helps us find ways to truly contribute to the world through our craft, whatever that may be. An inspiration to reach out to others, at a time when this world desperately needs us to do so.


3. Ordinary Sparkling Moments by Christine Mason Miller. It wasn’t long ago that I reviewed this book here. It definitely makes my list for books of 2008. A wonderful little tome of art, inspiration, motivation, and smiles. Seriously. I smiled so much while I read through this. It lifted me up when I was feeling a bit down on myself and my art. I turn to it when I need a little nibble of encouragement. Christine’s beautiful collage made me feel as if I were reading her journal. But a journal written for ME. A DEFINITE must-have!

So that’s it for today...I will have another title tomorrow for The 12 Days of Books!

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