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More 12 Days of Books

Today’s book is one I bought on a whim from Amazon and really fell in love with: Stray Sock Sewing by Daniel. This book shows you how to make adorable sock animals that are really different from the sock animals I’ve been familiar with. One reviewer on Amazon complained that there aren’t instructions for some of the animals shown, including the one on the cover. I say, Who cares? Read the basic instructions that are included, make some of the projects explained and then you could make the animals shown without instructions. Be a little imaginative! And do they really HAVE to look just like the ones shown? Why can’t these animals serve as inspiration?

It’s a DELIGHTFUL book with a ton of ideas and insight into sock animal creation. If you have a wee bit of desire to make adorable sock animals, snatch it up. You won’t be sorry!

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