Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Onward for Monday}

Today I’m working on finishing up the cover for Modern Mark Making...we’ve been given the green light to change the front cover, so what you see on Amazon isn’t right. This happens sometimes in book publishing...you can’t be sure that it’s really final until it’s “on the slow boat to China”. Really. Looks like 1000 Artist Journal Pages cover is good to go, but who knows? It should be on the way to the printer very soon, if not already. You will see on Amazon that the “1000” is now an orange-color with yellow dots. That’s because we made a decision on what the endpapers behind the cover will look like. The 1000 is cut through so that you see what is underneath, hence, the orange and yellow.

I went to CHA in Anaheim yesterday...this is where those in the craft industry get together and do their main biz: selling product. I just went for the day. Last year I went for three days and it was too much. I met with my editor and many authors and friends I’ve talked with on the internet. Jane Wynn had a book signing and demo at the F&W booth yesterday. It was great to chat with her. Linda Woods and Karen Dinino of Visual Chronicles and Journal Revolution fame were also there...They had some great advice for promoting my book...The seesters are so generous with their knowledge! Also chatted with Suzi Finer—total sweetie! I wandered the great hall and tried to soak in some inspiration...But there didn’t seem to be anything NEW. It seemed like it was more of the same. Not saying that it was bad, just not fresh. I didn’t take any photos this year because there were signs that forbade picture taking. Hmmm...must be there was some complaining last year...I probably won’t go back next year just because it’s really more for buyers than for people like me. I loved talking with people, but I can do that at other events.

And, just to show you what I’ve been up to lately:


Now please trust me when I say: I
don’t like to talk politics on this blog...this is a forum where we discuss inspiration, journaling and creating from the everyday. BUT, that being said, this is to show you that ANYTHING can be journaled. Not sure if I’m quite done with this.

Must get to work...Have a GREAT day!