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{It’s a Beautiful Day!}

Happy Tuesday! This is one of those days in AZ that I am glad I live here. SO freakin’ beautiful today! It’s like 74 degrees with a gentle breeze. WONDERFUL!

Just wanted to suggest some blogs for you to hit that may inspire. They do me. I love going to these:

  1. Bella Dia is a crafty sort of blog. LOVE the crochet heart tutorial today. Check it out if you like to use the hook.
  2. Tiny Red...I LOVE this girl’s work! Such energy. Love her handwriting. EVERYTHING!
  3. byebyeballoon...YUM! A new painting just about every day...Love the use of watercolor, collage...
  4. Tiny Buildings. These are SO cute, I want to have a little neighborhood of them. I could just eat them up!
  5. Green Chair Press. I just found this one and really enjoy it. It covers letterpress and book arts. Many yummy things blogged about...a must see!

Have fun!

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