Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Some Wednesday Yum}

Happy Humpday! I wanted to post yesterday, but I’ve been busy wrapping up an interior design for a craft book. And the day was a bit difficult with many distractions (good and bad): all the Molys on my desk, the constant REVVING of a motorcycle engine next door (this kid was working on it, SO annoying), Barack Obama’s historical speech on race (so NOT annoying, more like inspiring), a frustrating trip to the Post Office, the lovely golden daffodils in my studio popping open so quickly...*SIGH* But I think Friday’s looking good as a play day...a good day to get my Moly ready for travel...a good day to prep my City Notebook Moly for Seattle (Artfest)...

Today, I want to pass along some inspiring little tidbits for ya...


First, check out drawings and paintings by Yellena on Etsy...Her art is intricately exquisite and I LOVE her color palette...She’s also got a BEAUTIFUL blog!

Next up is Bam Pop! They are a company creating really COOL scrapbook elements. Sort of Juno-esque. They have a blog, too!


And check out Free People Clothing...Not only is their clothing funky, but so is their website! Full of doodles...LOVE this! And they have a nifty blog, too...And they’re offering free desktop wallpaper:


Thanks to all of you who’ve left comments lately! It looks like I’m not the only one overcome by Moleskines. Nice to hear from like minds...Also gives me a warm fuzzy to hear your sweet compliments... You all rock!