Dawn DeVries Sokol



I haven’t posted anything that I’ve created for a few days because I’ve been working on Tonia’s Starbucks-inspired trade and can’t show it until she receives it. But, I can show it after tomorrow!

I’m going to work on my Moly X 5 pages today. I have to do some cleaning (ick!), taxes (double-ick!) and work on the design of a craft book (definitely NOT an ick!)...I want to send some stuff out to the Artfest Art Asylum, so I need to pull all that. I can’t believe that Artfest is only a month away. I worked on my trades some more yesterday...And Saturday I have a workshop with Lisa Kokin at The Paper Studio...FUN!

I want to also say thanks to all of you who’ve been leaving comments lately!  I don’t always have time to reply...I apologize for that. I’m thinking of doing a giveaway VERY soon, so stay tuned.

Also, I leave you with this little gem today: Doodlage, a blog I’ve really been enjoying.

Have a GREAT Tuesday!