Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Floating on a Friday}

Happy Friday, all! Hope everything’s going well for you...I have a prompt today for you, but not an example. I’ve been sort of floating this week. I can’t quite explain it. I’ve been working on a page about sushi (yes, SUSHI!) that I will show you soon, but otherwise, I haven’t been journaling. My head’s been kinda out there. Oh yeah, and I am about to sign a contract to author another book, this one with a different publisher and much different than 1000 Artist Journal Pages. I can’t say much about it yet, at least not until I am further along with it. But I am REALLY excited, a little anxious, and extremely flattered that my client is quite enthused about the project.

Today’s prompt follows along with what I’m going to do for my “5” themed Moleskine book for the exchange I’m a part of.

Complete the phrase: “When I was 5...” That’s right. Include photos of you at that age and journal about what you remember of your childhood during that time. What year was it? Who were your friends? Where did you live? Of course, if you’d like to do another age, that’s PERFECTLY fine! It’s YOUR journal, remember? It’s what YOU want it to be. These prompts are simply suggestions, merely starting-off points from which to jump off. It’s what YOU make of it. How YOU interpret it. And that’s what makes YOU wonderful!

Have fun with it and MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

And go out and make it a fabulous Friday...